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Hobgoblins and Text Boxes

One target in writing RFP responses is to make the reading as easy as possible; indeed, to minimize the reading required. Making the content vivid and accessible is iterative and time-consuming. Start by understanding the target; move on to scheduling enough time to allow it.   Continue reading

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Cost + Markup = Price

What I’m focused on is costs and prices: the costs of the various binding options for my book, and the implications of those costs for the price of said book.   Continue reading

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Comma Chameleon

Project management talks about the triad of “cost, schedule, performance.” RFP responses must subordinate standards (performance) to schedule.  That’s hardly unique to proposal management, but it takes on a particularly compelling aspect given the hard deadline nature of the work. As demanding as those deadlines seem, at least they offer an external voice that we all need sometimes.   Continue reading

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What We Have Here…

…is failure to communicate.

– from Cool Hand Luke

In my  book, I give a real (albeit unbelievable) quote from a resume submitted to me for editing on an RFP response a few years back.  Psychic translation powers would have been more to the point than editing prowess. The text was unreadable: surely the mind behind it could not have been less amenable.   Continue reading


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