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Term: AFP

AFP = Alternate/Alternative (both are used) Financing and Procurement

It’s a procurement model that uses the private sector to fund infrastructure (think highways, hospitals, schools, and light rail transit systems) in return for a (usually) lengthy operations contract and staged repayments of the capital invested.

A sibling to public-private partnerships (aka PPP and P3).

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Term: Article

A numbered paragraph in a contract, draft or otherwise.

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Term: Applicant

Equivalent to bidder; used extensively in design-build and contracting variants (design-build-finance; design-build-finance-maintain).

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Term: Acquisition Contracting

The process of buying a piece of equipment or a system, whether designed from scratch or configured from commercial off-the shelf (COTS) components.

Usually distinguished from services contracting in requiring large capital investment to fund the design and development effort.

Used extensively in military procurement: ships, armoured vehicles, weaponry, radar systems. Information technology systems also fall into this category.

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Answer the question; acronym pronounced by spelling it out.

Not sure what the “F” is for.

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