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Term: Body Shop

A company that staffs client vacancies from its database of qualified workers but that does not take contractual responsibility for deliverables beyond the “bodies” it provides; that is, that does not manage the work performed by these bodies.

To be distinguished from companies that contract to provide services, including the management of staff.

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Term: Buy a Contract

Bid lower than cost or lower than cost-plus-a-reasonable-markup to be more sure of winning a contract. Used to break into a new industry or to discourage other competitors from entering your own.

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Term: Bidders’ Conference

A meeting held by the client’s contracting officer and technical representatives to present information to, and answer questions from, potential bidders. Nominally used to standardize communication to ensure a level playing field for bidders; also used to protect a process against allegations of bias. Might be combined with a site visit.

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Term: Best Value

An evaluation methodology that purports to assign technical and financial scores independently of each other, and then to calculate some version of “price per point” to identify the bidder submitting the best-value proposal. In government contracting, often seems to devolve to low-price compliant. Difficult to bid, as the incremental point value of extra capability (and its associated cost) is often unclear or muted by the averaging effect inherent in group evaluations.

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Term: Bid Stage

The response period; the period during which the bid is being developed. Used primarily to distinguish from things that occur after contract award.

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