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Term: Cost

Cost (noun)

What the bidder thinks it will cost to deliver the Work if selected as the contractor.

Cost, cost-in (verb)

To include something in the costs accumulated for the Work; as in “Is the overtime costed in?”

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Term: Commercial Off-the-shelf

Refers to (often hardware or software) components that are in such common and standardized usage that they can be bought and used without any customization, although they may require configuration to work properly together.

Acronymized as COTS, which is pronounced as the English word “cots.”f

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Term: Contract Award

Both the client’s act in awarding a contract for the Work to the successful bidder/proponent, and the milestone date on which that occurred.

Many activities/deliverables are dated with reference to contract award.  For example, MACA means “months after contract award.”  It’s pronounced as if it were a word, rather than being spelled out.

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Term: Colour/Color Palette

The sum of the decisions made about how to use colour/color in the proposal. Affects headers, footers, headings, tables, graphics, and binder covers.

If you wouldn’t think this matters, you’ve never tried to get a proposal approved for submission by executives or communications specialists, who tend to care about the graphics.  In this as in all areas of proposal development and production, standardization contributes to submitting a professional document.

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Term: Contract Term

The period of time for which the contractor will provide the Work under the contract. Sometimes defined as a base period plus one or more option periods.  Note that the choice to exercise said option is the client’s unilateral one.

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