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Term: Draft RFP

A preliminary version of the client’s RFP, usually issued to solicit industry feedback (for example, on the risk that industry is being asked to assume, the package of Work being requested, the standards being required, the pricing methodology) and to ask for alternative solutions that might otherwise be ruled non-compliant.

Often incomplete: most typical (and entirely deliberate) omission is the response instructions and evaluation criteria, since early release of those would give bidders a head start on the proposal.

Sometimes issued in a genuine effort to improve a procurement; sometimes appears to be issued as a pro forma response to an internal requirement to consult with industry.

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Two acronyms at the intersection of DB (design-build) Avenue and AFP (alternative financing and procurement) Street:

  • DBFM means design, build, finance, and maintain
  • DBFOM adds “operate” to that list

Both are procurement models in which a private company takes on the ownership and risk of infrastructure to be used either by another private sector company or by a government client, in return for defined compensation over a set term.

Both acronyms are pronounced by spelling them out, for obvious reasons.

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Term: Design-build

Shorthand for the scope of work, or the type of RFP or contract, in designing and constructing infrastructure (for example, buildings, highways, transit systems).

For the design-build of equipment and systems, see acquisition contracting.

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Term: Document

When used as “the document,” usually means the entirety of the physical proposal being submitted: its structure, organization, and production.

Why Is It Used?

Used primarily to distinguish the physical proposal that must be produced from the content that must be developed (that is, from the management and technical solution being proposed), as in the following:

“I don’t care about the content; I just care about the document.”

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Term: Debrief

A meeting with the client after the conclusion of the procurement (usually after contract award) to receive feedback on your proposal. (Should you bother to go?  Yes.  Always.  Win or lose.)

Client rules for these debriefs are understandably designed to prevent the release of any information that violates the confidentiality owed to other bidders, or that would enable a challenge to the award based on a flawed evaluation process. Usually held in the client’s offices, and often in the presence of the Fairness Monitor or other client observers or witnesses who are independent of the procurement process for this proposal.


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