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Term: Data Item Description (DID)

A specification of each data deliverable required under the contract. Useful for saving time in determining content and format for reports and forms.  Now largely archaic in Canadian government contracting, worse luck, but still extant in American contracting.

Acronymized as DID; DIDs in the collective/plural.

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Term: Contract Data Requirements List

A Canadian and American federal government contracting tool (now not much used by the former) to capture all data deliverables (reports, plans, forms) for the contract in one place in the RFP (usually a SOW appendix). I’ve also seen this as “Contract Deliverables Requirements List”.  Although not standard usage, this is, nonetheless, perfectly clear and pretty much means the same thing.

Acronymized as CDRL: pronounced “sea-drl” or “sid-rl.”

During the response period, the CDRL is extremely helpful for bidders trying to gauge and cost the level of effort required to meet reporting and similar deliverables after contract award.

During the contract period, the CDRL is extremely helpful for the contractor and the contracting officer in meeting and enforcing contract requirements, respectively.

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Term: Deliverable

Refers primarily to two things:

  • A document or information one proposal party owes to another (for example, written proposal sections, cost information)
  • Something the contractor owes to the client after contract award (for example, reports, plans, forms)

Is also used sometimes to refer to outcomes of processes (for example, training deliverables).

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Term: Draft Contract

An RFP section that lays out the proposed terms and conditions under which the Work will be contracted. Sometimes open for discussion through the question and answer (Q&A) process, but unilateral rejection of any term or condition by a bidder at the time of submission is usually considered grounds for finding a proposal non-compliant.  Continue reading

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