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Term: Gold Team

Most often used to refer to the executive review of the costs and proposed price.

Not a standard term in Proposal Land, however, and has been seen referring to what most folks call Red Team.

Does it matter? Nope. Not as long as everyone involved knows what is meant.

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Term: Go/No Go

The process, meeting, or decision that finalizes whether an opportunity will be pursued.

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Term: General and Administrative (G&A)

A markup added to a bidder’s calculated cost of products and services to cover costs not solely attributable to the production of said products and services but nonetheless attributable to them (for example, a percentage of the cost of corporate services, like accounting or marketing, that supports all projects from a central department).

Also referred to as “overhead.”

Acronymized as G&A; pronounced “gee and eh.”

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Term: Get-well Amendment

A contract amendment that adds scope at an inflated price, to compensate a contractor that seriously underbid some other portion of the Work, intentionally or otherwise.

Never issued to one’s own company (which naturally negotiates extra work only at entirely reasonable/justifiable prices): only issued to competitors that buy a contract.

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