What’s in the Book

This comprehensive technical manual covers everything you and your team need to know about responding to RFPs, starting with where they come from, and why.

“Big-picture context to put things into perspective, practical tips to keep things under control, and humour to put things in their place.”  Business general counsel and corporate secretary, oil and gas industry


Win more contracts & prepare your proposal teams.Better RFP responses

Better RFP responses & proposal management processes.

Table of Contents

 The Very Beginning

Where It All Begins: The Client’s Perspective
Where It All Begins: The Supplier’s Perspective

Proposal Basics

Proposal Anatomy
Proposal Processes
Proposal Teamwork
Proposal-Land Terminology

Proposal Tasks


Looking Up and Out

Managing the Pursuit
Supporting the Executives

Setting the Framework

Selecting and Equipping the Proposal Team
Drafting the Proposal Schedule
Determining Security Requirements

Understanding What the Client Wants

Understanding the Contract
Understanding the Work
Asking Questions to Clarify the Requirement
Making Requests to Change the Requirement
Leading the Bidders’ Conference Team
Attending the Bidders’ Conference
Leading the Site Visit Team
Attending the Site Visit
Providing Client Expertise

Making and Costing a Plan

Managing Solution Development
Developing the Solution
                Checklist:  Solution Analysis & Development
Costing the Solution

Managing the Proposal Elements

Managing the Proposal Team
Managing the Submission Mandatories
Managing the Writers/Managing a Volume
Managing the Subcontractors
Managing the Graphics
Managing the Proposal Schedule
                Checklist: How to Know You’re in Schedule Trouble

Creating, Improving and Submitting the Proposal

Making a Table of Contents
Managing Theme Development
Writing the Response
                Checklist: Better Plans
                Checklist: Approach to the ‘Approach’ Question
Editing the Response
                Checklist:  Editing Priorities
                Checklist:  Complete Answers
                Checklist:  Consistency
Producing the Document
Reviewing the Document
Managing Team Reviews
Managing Executive Reviews
Delivering the Proposal

Improving your Capacity

Getting Ready for the Next Time

Final Thoughts