The 33 Proposal Tasks

Proposal roles vary widely, depending on the type, scope and scale of the proposal.  This book, therefore, explains the work of Proposal Land by describing 33 distinct proposal tasks in 7 categories.

“Isabel has taken her skill to dissect and simplify, and given us an easy-to-use and enormously helpful guide to proposal responses.” Career, leadership and executive coach and trainer

Looking up and out

  • Managing the pursuit
  • Supporting the executives

Setting the framework

  • Selecting and equipping the proposal team
  • Drafting the proposal schedule
  • Determining security requirements

Understanding what the client wants

  • Understanding the contract
  • Understanding the Work
  • Asking questions to clarify the requirement
  • Making requests to change the requirement
  • Leading the Bidders’ Conference team
  • Attending the Bidders’ Conference
  • Leading the site visit team
  • Attending the site visit
  • Providing client expertise

Making and costing a plan

  • Managing solution development
  • Developing the solution
  • Costing the solution

Managing the proposal elements

  • Managing the proposal team
  • Managing the submisison mandatories
  • Managing the writers/Managing a volume
  • Managing the subcontractors
  • Managing the graphics
  • Managing the proposal schedule

Creating, improving and submitting the proposal

  • Making a table of contents
  • Managing theme development
  • Writing the RFP response
  • Editing the RFP response
  • Producing the document
  • Reviewing the document
  • Managing team reviews
  • Managing executive reviews (Red Teams)
  • Delivering the proposal

Improving your capacity

  • Getting ready for the next time