Better RFP Responses & Management
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The 33 Proposal Tasks


“Isabel has taken her skill to dissect and simplify, and given us an easy-to-use and enormously helpful guide to proposal responses.” Career, leadership and executive coach and trainer

Proposal teams vary a lot in how many folks they involve, and how the work is organized into roles. So start by thinking about that work:  33 distinct proposal tasks in 7 categories. No matter the type, scope, or scale of the proposal, all of these need to be done and managed to some extent.

Looking up and out

  • Managing the pursuit
  • Supporting the executives

Setting the framework

  • Selecting and equipping the proposal team
  • Drafting the proposal schedule
  • Determining security requirements

Understanding what the client wants

  • Understanding the contract
  • Understanding the Work
  • Asking questions to clarify the requirement
  • Making requests to change the requirement
  • Leading the Bidders’ Conference team
  • Attending the Bidders’ Conference
  • Leading the site visit team
  • Attending the site visit
  • Providing client expertise

Making and costing a plan

  • Managing solution development
  • Developing the solution
  • Costing the solution

Managing the proposal elements

  • Managing the proposal team
  • Managing the submission mandatories
  • Managing the writers/Managing a volume
  • Managing the subcontractors
  • Managing the graphics
  • Managing the proposal schedule

Creating, improving and submitting the proposal

  • Making a table of contents
  • Managing theme development
  • Writing the RFP response
  • Editing the RFP response
  • Producing the document
  • Reviewing the document
  • Managing team reviews
  • Managing executive reviews (Red Teams)
  • Delivering the proposal

Improving your capacity

  • Getting ready for the next time