About Isabel

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with an MBA in 1984, Isabel taught business at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Alberta, and worked as a marketing consultant and project manager.  In 1990 she wandered into Proposal Land without a map, and pitched camp.  Since then, she has learned three things vital to winning contracts, sustainably:

  • How to develop better solutions for client statements of work (SOWs)
  • How to write better RFP responses
  • How to manage proposal teams for best short-term and long-term results

She’s also formed a few opinions on RFPs, and on how they can be better.

Proposal Roles Played

  • Deputy proposal manager
  • Chief editor
  • Writing team lead
  • Red Team reviewer/lead
  • Management/marketing writer

 RFP and RFQ Experience

  • Client industries:  defence/defense (army, navy, air force), transportation, communications, administrative services, technical services, design-build, oil and gas
  • RFP issuers:  governments (federal [Canada and USA], provincial, municipal), Crown corporations, NATO, and private-sector companies
  • Procurement types:  services and acquisition; AFP/PPP/P3
  • Pricing structures:  cost-plus, firm price, management fee
  • Contractual arrangements:  fee for service, design/build, design/build/finance/maintain
  • Response requirements:  line-by-line responses to statement of work; standard technical/management proposals; Tabular Format (TF!)
  • Teams:  5 to 75 people
  • Number of proposals:  About 100
  • Percent of deadlines met:  Exactly 100
  • Number of team members strangled:  0


Isabel also photographs and makes videos of the world’s wonders and writes about life’s little puzzles in a wide-ranging blog: Traditional Iconoclast.