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About this Blog

This blog is about winning contracts
in a humanly sustainable way.

Win competitive contracts from both government and private-sector clients by understanding the basics of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and RFP responses, and by implementing best practices, tips, and tools.

On-site Resources

Use the resources here for three things:

  • Winning more contracts by writing better RFP responses and by enhancing your corporate RFP-response capability.
  • Winning more contracts, sustainably, by using project management tools tailored to RFP responses.

Understanding RFPs

  • Where it all starts
  • Why organizations issue RFPs
  • How needs relate to requirements
  • Six basic parts of every RFP – whether 5 or 500 pages

Understanding RFP Responses (aka Proposals)

  • Six questions to ask before bidding
  • Five-step RFP response process
  • Four kinds of RFP response content
  • Five rules of proposal teamwork

Tips & Tools

  • Practical tips for managing and developing bids, and for writing better RFPs
  • Comprehensive checklists and tools
  • Term of the Week: RFP and RFP response jargon demystified

Get more help

Buy Isabel’s e-book from Amazon Canada and learn more:

  • Planning for RFP responses
  • Managing proposal processes
  • Staffing and managing proposal teams
  • Training technical writers and editors
  • Leading internal reviews and Red Teams