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About this Blog

This blog is about winning contracts
in a humanly sustainable way,
and about improving procurement outcomes
by issuing better RFPs.

Win competitive contracts from both government and private-sector clients by understanding the basics of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and RFP responses, and by implementing best practices, tips, and tools.

Get better (faster, cheaper) procurement results by writing better (simpler, clearer) RFPs.

On-site Resources: Overviews


  • Where it all starts
  • Why organizations issue RFPs
  • How needs relate to requirements
  • Six basic parts of every RFP – whether 5 or 500 pages


  • Six questions to ask before bidding
  • Five-step RFP response process
  • Four kinds of RFP response content
  • Five rules of proposal teamwork


  • Managing the proposal team
  • Managing submission mandatories
  • Managing writers and/or a proposal volume
  • Managing the subcontractors
  • Managing the graphics
  • Managing the proposal schedule

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Checklists and tools

Posts on all these topics (RFPs, Proposals, Management) offering practical tips (use the drop-down menu above, or the menu in the left sidebar)

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  • Planning for RFP responses
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  • Leading internal reviews and Red Teams