Better RFP Responses & Management
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Term: PPP

Public-private partnership; acronym pronounced by spelling it out. Update: Also now called P3. Because we need the time saved by eliminating one syllable for something important.

Term: Proposal Team

The group of people assigned to produce a proposal in response to a specific RFP. Always overworked; often overwhelmed; frequently underappreciated. Structure and make-up varies dramatically with the scope/scale of the RFP.  (See chapter 3 of my manual for more on how proposal teams are configured to tackle the 33 …

Term: Proposal

The document (contractual, technical, management, and pricing sections) submitted by a bidder in response to an RFP. With the simultaneous efficiency/ambiguity that make Proposal Land so delightful/irritating, also refers to the period of time involved in putting together said document. For example, “How long is this proposal?” can mean the …