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RFP Responses for Small Business – Step Four

RFP Responses for Small Business – Step Four

How does a small business win contracts? Follow a four-step action plan. Today, Step Four.

Step Four is about getting better: what the Quality industry calls “continual improvement.” What does it mean in practical terms?  

Right after submitting, debrief the team. What worked well? What would work better?

Then, win or lose, ask for a debrief from the client. Find out what they liked and what you could have done better. They won’t tell you what your competitors did, but they will give you invaluable insight into their perspective on what you did.

Finally, debrief the decision-makers in your company. Tenders and RFPs are the final stage in a complex procurement cycle. Similarly, bids are just the final stage in your pursuit of opportunities. What you learn here should feed back into your processes for identifying and assessing opportunities, allowing you to invest your time and money for best results.