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Term: Security Requirements Check List

Term: Security Requirements Check List

A Government of Canada form used to specify the security requirements in the contract to be issued to the contractor.

Usually annexed to the RFP, it allows bidders to cost and schedule any actions required to meet the security requirements that will apply at contract award (for example, security screening of personnel, establishment of secure zones in offices for document safeguarding).

Acronymized as SRCL; pronounced by saying each letter in turn: ess-arr-see-ell.

Tips for editors:

Add SCRL to your punchlist: for some reason, this particular scrambling of the acronym is common and easy to read through. Maybe it’s because the “SC” evokes the “security” part and we forget we need the “C” for “check.”

Pretend you don’t know that checklist is usually one word these days. Why this term violates the usual preference for TLAs is beyond me, but it does.