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Endorsements from Executives

“I had the opportunity to read this book and I have to say it is one of the easiest breakdowns of the proposal process that I’ve ever encountered. Isabel has done a great job of making a very difficult subject easy to understand, and her personal examples really help clarify and give substance to it. I recommend this to everyone involved with RFx processes who wants to improve in their career or help develop their staff to a higher level.”

Rick Cleveland, Director, Education and Accreditation, Supply Chain Management Association

“I have been involved in procurement for almost 30 years and I have known and worked with Isabel Gibson over the last six years on a number of major proposal submissions.  I can safely say that the content of this book is absolutely accurate and should be read and applied with diligence.

Isabel is a consummate professional whose skills and knowledge go far beyond that of an “editor”.  In all things “proposal” she has seen it.  This book provides sage advice on all aspects of proposal/bid organization, training, schedule, needed resources and commitment including that of senior management to Red Team reviews to ensure bids respond fully to customer requirements (key to a compliant bid).

When I do a proposal, Isabel is my safety blanket, and this book outlines the myriad of things that need to be considered in preparing a complete and compliant bid.  I commend it to all, novice or professional.”

Ron Buck, Vice Admiral (Rtd) Canadian Navy

“Isabel brings skill and expertise in managing complex RFPs and ensuring that responses meet mandatory requirements.”

Claudia Belrango, VP/GM – Federal Government Sales, Rogers Communications Inc.

“Isabel Gibson is one of the most sought-after proposal professionals/gurus in Canada today; the fact that she somehow found the time to compile her years of wisdom and expertise into a succinct document is a credit to her ability to manage her time and share her knowledge and leadership.  A must read if you want to be successful in today’s world of crafting winning proposals.”

Ian Hargrave, ATCO Group executive (retired)

“Isabel has a rare talent to simplify challenging concepts, with humour.”

Michel Bonin, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Government Relocation Services

 “Over the course of almost a decade of working together I had the benefit of Isabel’s sage guidance and advice on many proposals both large and small. I wish we’d both had this book, then! Big-picture context to put things in perspective, practical tips to keep things under control, and humour to put things in their place. ‘Proposals: Getting Started, Getting Better’ is an invaluable guide for proposal teams, their leaders, and executives with the accountability for delivering winning proposals.”

Bill Christensen, VP Law, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Alliance Pipeline Ltd.

“An integral part of many of our bid development teams for several years, Isabel clearly understands the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for Government procurements and brings a sense of clarity when we undertake proposals of significant value. Isabel has the tremendous ability to work closely with management, technical, operations, and field personnel. She can bring people with diverse cultural backgrounds together and actually make a proposal effort fun! A strong communicator, she effectively and efficiently manages proposal teams, saving time and reducing frustration for everyone by clearly enunciating responsibilities and authorities.”

Don Chynoweth, Marketing and Operational Executive, and Corporate Director