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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . a Book!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . a Book!

The joy of milestone moments may explain why I’ve stayed so long in Proposal Land, even in the face of some not-so-joyful days and nights:  the feeling of accomplishment with another stage completed, and the satisfaction of creating something new.  Those feelings may also help to explain why others also work on RFP responses again and again.   It’s a good thing for proposal managers to keep in mind when choosing proposal team members, and while managing them for peak results.

Those feelings aren’t unique to RFP responses, of course . . .

Last Friday, with the first break in months in my day job, I sent the designer the pbook version of my book.  She still has a whack of work to finish the design, insert the copyright and promotional pages, and confirm my layout.

Today, I sent the designer the “ready for ebook conversion” version of my book, which for me meant flagging the call-outs in different font and pulling them out of their textboxes.  She still has a whack of work to convert it to the three digital platforms now in use (anyone remember the VCR format wars?) and to set up the automatically generated tables of contents (yes, more than one: a master and one for each chapter) and index to work in an ebook where page numbers don’t mean anything.

So “imminent” it’s not.  But we’re back on the road.  Woot!