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What Contractors Want from Technical Authorities – Part 6

What Contractors Want from Technical Authorities – Part 6

Foster your procurement agency relationships. In Canada, both federally and provincially/territorially, that usually means connecting with centralized agency contracting officers and it may also involve working with departmental or ministry contracting experts. Just as you know the technical domain, these folks know the contracting domain, which is largely about process. Working together, you’ll get the best outcome possible:

  • A technically sound solution
  • A good price
  • A procurement that complies with government policies and regulations
  • An ongoing, productive, mutually beneficial relationship with industry

Tasked as Technical Authority on an RFP? Never done it before? Done it before but not entirely happy with how it turned out? This is one of six posts on what contractors hope you do in that position, but are reluctant to tell you to your face.