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Term: Compliance Matrix

Term: Compliance Matrix

A table submitted with the proposal that does one or more of the following:

  • Acknowledges and agrees to all mandatory requirements
  • Identifies where in the proposal to find content showing that the requirement has been met (for example, documentary evidence for a submission mandatory; proposal-text evidence for a technical mandatory)
  • Acknowledges and agrees to all draft contract articles

Is It Required?

That depends:

  • It’s occasionally required by the client in the submission instructions.
  • More often, it’s insisted upon by proposal team members who have seen it done elsewhere and think it must, therefore, be a best practice.
  • It’s never (no, never) required unless it’s explicitly required.

Should You Do One?

Well, it’s never wrong, except when it is extended to apply to all RFP paragraphs, which shows a fundamental misunderstanding of its purpose and of the import of the various parts of the RFP. This lack of understanding is not a good thing to expose to the client at the bidding stage.

Be warned, however, that it’s exceedingly time consuming to create one for large, complex proposals.

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