Better RFP Responses & Management


Remember me?  I wouldn’t blame you if the answer is, “No.”  Committing the mortal sin of social media – disengaging – I haven’t posted on this site since March 3rd.  Why not?

But now the Senate vacancies have all been filled, and I’m not one of the fillers.  The proposal has been submitted.  And I’m officially retired from proposal work.

So here, today, I re-engage, at least until I can figure out what to do next.

Here’s one of several pieces I’ve seen on Medium on design – whether communications projects or software apps, in this case – that resonate for me with respect to proposals.  It helps explain why, overall, “cute” doesn’t cut it in responses, while offering a way to incorporate  a little flair – a little cuteness – in any client engagement.  Even, mayhap, in a proposal.