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Just When I Thought I Was Out . . .

Just When I Thought I Was Out . . .

 . . . they pull me back in.
– Michael Corleone

Into proposals. Into blogging about proposal work. And so here we are.

Where exactly is “here”? Time will tell.


I expect to do some posts about how Seth Godin’s work applies to Proposal Land. I’ve been flagging the remarkable connections on LinkedIn for a while, and thought I might as well get them corralled here where they might be more useful to someone wanting this content.

I hope to do some videos on editing techniques specific to Proposal Land. Not exclusive to it, necessarily, but specific.

And I’ll have a Big Reveal a little ways down the road.

So climb on board, and let’s see what emerges.

I’m changing the notification emails to Fridays to honour this Proposal Land saying:

Thank God it’s Friday.
Just two more working days until Monday.

Finally,  just because everyone needs a theme song . . .

Or, for those who prefer a more-modern country sound . .



  1. Jim Taylort

    This has nothing to do with your decision to get back in the saddle. I looked at that picture of Gene Autry, and I thought, “That guy must have had a barber shave him five times a day!”

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – LOL You can see why that wouldn’t occur to me! Different times, eh? These days, I swear some guys shave at night so they have a discernible shadow all day long.

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