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Lose the Convolutions

Lose the Convolutions

I still can’t recommend
JoshMBlackman and
RandyEBarnett’s book
– Seen on Twitter

As RandyEBarnett said wryly on his RT, “I’m glad I read all the way to the end of the sentence.”

Do what you want in Twitter Land — everyone else does — but lose this sort of construction in Proposal Land. No evaluator should have to read to the end of the sentence to get your meaning the right way around.

I don’t know why we sometimes write in this backward way (Does it sound more emphatic? More artistic? More smarter? Dunno.) but when clarity matters, go for the straight declarative, as the original tweeter did in the rest of his recommendation:

It’s very clear,
and the accompanying videos are great.
These are cases everyone should know
and this is a book everyone should own.

All right then.  Just say it.

I highly recommend the Blackman/Barnett book.

We’re not writing literature.