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Term: Template

Term: Template

A document (in a word-processing application) that provides standardized headers and footers and style definitions to try to prevent writers from doing their own formatting, which causes style conflicts when inputs from several writers are merged. If the client has specified the response requirement in detail, templates may also include the required headings and numbering, to prevent transcription errors and as a convenience for writers.

A document (in a spreadsheet application) that does roughly the same thing for costing information, but defining formulas instead of styles.


  1. Jim Taylor

    All kinds of things have templates, not necessarily limited to printed output. Our worship services have a template, that we provide to visiting ministers. I have a template, in a sense, for setting out breakfast every morning.
    A template, it seems to me, is basically an agreed-upon, more-or-less standardized, process for getting things done. In order. Without surprises.
    Life would be much more complicated without templates. They save us from re-inventing the wheel.

    Jim T

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