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Term: War Room

Term: War Room

The room in which the proposal team works or has its big meetings.

Often used as a command centre, with schedules and other control tools posted on the wall.

Less used now as more proposal teams work in distributed mode, with no central location.


  1. Jim Taylor

    As my consciousness of the implications of language grows, I find myself objecting to the term “War Room.” Are we actually at war with someone, or something (other than time, perhaps)? How might it affect the way a team operates if it were called the:””Co-ordination Centre,” say. Or the “Progress Room”?

    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – I remember feeling like that when I started in this business. “War room” seemed a tad military/hostile. I include it in the jargon list for completeness, since it might still be extant. In the environments I’ve been in, I’ve mostly heard “proposal room” which seems innocuous enough and requires no translation.

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