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Buddy & Me: Marketing is not about . . .

Buddy & Me: Marketing is not about . . .

A day aligned with Seth Godin is like a day with sunshine, no?

I’m not sure the word “marketing” means what you think it means.
Later, we will get to the promotion and advertising part.
But right now, this is marketing. All of it.
“When do we get to the marketing part?”

Long ago in Proposal Land, I had the same thought but expressed it a little more rudely.


  1. Jim Taylor

    “They” have already made up their minds.You are only there so that they can say, later, that your side of the equation was consulted. The real question is, how much power do you have? Can “they” safely afford to ignore you? Or, when you go back to Ottawa, can a disparaging word from you kibosh the whole project?

    As the old saying goes, follow the power. Well, that was actually follow the money, but I think that the money is only a means to the power.

    Jim T

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