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Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Submitting an RFP response is both satisfying and scary: satisfying becase you’re done, scary because there is now nothing more you can do to influence the outcome. Moreover, there can be some sense of loss as the team disbands, and the project that held your whole focus – maybe for months – is done and it’s on to something new. Dealing with these mixed emotions as a bid is submitted  is part of managing the proposal team and part of managing yourself. After 25 years in RFP responses, I was interested to see that the experience of completing my book for publication was remarkably similar.  

This morning, at 08:00 AZ time, I hit ‘send’ on the email to approve the cover and text print files for my (first?) book.

It’s satisfying, exhilarating, scary, and a little sad all at once.

Satisfying, because I’m proud of my work.

Exhilarating, because it’s finally done.

Scary, because now I have to actually sell it!

Sad, because I’ve been working on it for about two years, and it’s over.

The nest, she is empty.  The chick is launched.  Now we see how it flies.



  1. Marion Neiman

    Wow. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it ‘in the flesh’ (me) and ‘in black and white’ (it). Now you’ll have to use your spare time for interviews and your book tour.

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