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Virtual Launch

Virtual Launch

Authors promoting their books often hold launches/parties, complete with readings of enticing excerpts. I’m doing my own version of a book launch, getting a copy of my book into clients’ hands, dropping off review copies with newspaper business editors and bloggers, contacting educational institutions, and doing the meet-&-greet at business and industry associations.

So far, so good.

But I can’t quite resist doing a virtual reading for my readers.  Herewith, one excerpt from my book – an anecdote that supports my recommendation to keep the team structure simple . . . 

“The design project had been going on for a year with several multinationals involved and contributions coming in from sub-teams working in Canada, the USA, and abroad. Across disciplines, corporate boundaries, and time zones, communication and coordination were a nightmare. Without a single proposal office, crucial time was lost as key participants travelled to and from their home bases. Especially in the harried final days, versions were difficult to control as people in different offices had direct electronic access to the files and disregarded the editing protocols.

One thing saved it from being a complete meltdown: it was a prime/sub contractual relationship rather than a joint venture. When “push” came to “push down the stairs,” one company had control and exercised it to lock down the shared repository, and then to complete and submit the response on time. Having to negotiate action at that stage would have killed us.”



  1. barbara carlson

    I am enjoying “flipping through” your book. I have it on a counter in my studio. I LOL at your “sidebars” which are so Isabel. 🙂
    The rest is still Greek to me, and VERY impressive. Kudos, again!

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Glad the humour shines through the Greek, as it were. Let’s hope it’s as funny for those who live in Proposal Land! And thanks for the kudos – always welcome, like the encouragement to the telemarketers.

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