Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Proposal editors have been encouraging RFP response writers to “show and tell” for years. Did you have “Show and Tell in your kindergarten? A time when you got up at the front of the class, showed something you’d brought from home, and talked about it? Well, here’s what it looks like on RFP responses . . .

Don’t just tell me that you care about safety: Show me your safety awards.

Don’t just tell me that your organization structure is clear: Show me an organization chart I can get at a glance.

Don’t just tell me your design is iconic: Show me a drawing that will knock my socks off.

For anyone who doubts the power of showing, here’s a link to a fly-through of the upcoming-and-we-can-hardly-wait-for-it Calgary Central Library.

And did you notice? They didn’t actually “tell” us anything.


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