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Standing Out: Standing Different

Standing Out: Standing Different

Every CoVID-19 commercial is exactly the same.

That, at least, is the claim, and the video splicing in this compilation makes it seem credible.

I agree that the sappy themes are sometimes overdone in these ads. I also agree with those who are pushing back against what they see as criticism of the whole creative industry for going with the zeitgeist. Of course there are big similarities in these ads: Everyone is communicating about the same thing to folks who have similar concerns.

But here are two thought experiments for proposal writers, and for the folks who are directing the messaging:

If your client made a fair, uncontrived compilation of your proposal and those of your competitors, would it be this samey-samey?

If someone made a fair, uncontrived compilation of all your proposals for different work for different clients in different locations, would it be this samey-samey?

No? Great. Carry on.

Maybe yes? Then maybe think again. Finding strong unique marketing themes isn’t easy: I get it. But even if you’re selling basically the same thing — the same as your competitors and the same to different clients — at least look for ways to express it in your own words. In words that will stand out. With examples that will make sense for this client.

Not convinced? Do one last thought experiment:

If you received all that samey-samey text — hundreds of pages of it — would you believe it?
Would you even want to read it?