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Better Signs #1

Better Signs #1


Due to the requirements of the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS Code), access to pedestrians and vehicles may be restricted while cruise ships are berthing, moored alongside, and unberthing at Cobh Cruise Terminal.  We apologize for inconvenience caused.  Thank-you for your cooperation and understanding.

A modest Proposal

Stay Out

No Pedestrians Allowed                             No Vehicles Allowed

For safety and security reasons,
we restrict access when cruise ships are here.

Posted by: Authority responsible for Cobh Cruise Terminal
In compliance with: International Ship and Port Security Code

Want to report a violation? Call 999.
Have a question?  Call Joe at 27.374.9207


Don’t thank people for their cooperation and understanding when it’s their compliance that you require.

Don’t apologize for causing inconvenience when you have a legal obligation to prevent unsafe/insecure behaviour.

Don’t beat around the bush: not on signs for people with varying and unknown reading skills, and not in RFPs. Clarity trumps politesse. First, get the behaviour you require, then explain, justify, and/or play nice-nice as seems reasonable/politic in the circumstances. But first, get the behaviour.