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How to Use a Watermelon

How to Use a Watermelon

Now retired from Proposal Land, I have hesitated to advise folks on how to deal with all this new-fangled technology since I have no first-hand experience with it. But here’s a great piece on how to use ChatGPT to expedite/improve scientific writing from someone who does have that experience, albeit in a different context.

The correlations with proposal writing are obvious. There are three good applications:

  • To create a first draft from bullets and an outline that you wrote
  • To polish a draft you wrote (copy-editing the grammar and syntax [word order])
  • To suggest ways to shorten or re-order a passage or make it less awkward

That sounds a lot like some of the elements of proposal editing. Maybe ChatGPT can free editors to focus more on adding marketing value.

And how not to use ChatGPT?

So: never use ChatGPT to generate content.

Don’t ask it for information; the results are meaningless, even if it purports to back up its claims with citations.

Using ChatGPT to generate content is like using a watermelon to do a jigsaw puzzle.

It’s not even a poor tool for that – it isn’t a tool for that at all.