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Working with Intent

Working with Intent

We make heroes out of people who show up with the last-minute save,
but the real work is in not needing the last minute.
Seth’s Blog

I’ve written a few times on this blog (and on every page of my manual) about proposal management as a project-management discipline; in Seth’s words today, about how not to need the last minute in Proposal Land:

It isn’t that we don’t know what has to happen in theory, it’s just that it’s, you know, a lot like *work* to make it happen in reality. I agree: It *is* a lot of work. But I don’t sympathize with attempts to ignore/avoid it: It’s still the best option we have.

The good news? We can learn how to do it.

And it’s helpful to realize that it’s a skill, a choice,
a set of tools to be learned, not something we’re born with.

Very few successful organizations feel as though
they’ve underinvested in project management.

By the time a project is worth doing,
it’s worth doing with intent.
– also/still Seth’s Blog