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Buddy & Me: Are You Comfortable?

Buddy & Me: Are You Comfortable?

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Here’s another virtual book-reading session and free excerpt. Enjoy!


  1. Jim Taylor

    Okay — and nicely written too — BUT who gets to make the decision? Suppose they’re not in full agreement. Some are comfortable with the bare-bones proposal they’ve come up with; some are not. Does the project manager say, “Thanks for your input, that’s what we’re going with.” Or does she say, “We need to be unanimous about this.” Either way, someone’s making a decision. Who is that person? And will the others accept her ruling?

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – “Who decides” depends on the team. In my experience, someone (often the proposal manager, but sometimes an executive sponsor) is designated by the company to take the risk at the planning/proposal-prep stage, but everything goes through an executive review. That’s where they decide which risks need to be priced-in. Basically, IMHO, it’s a decision that must rest with someone authorized to take risk on the company’s behalf. So a technical expert has to make their case and can be over-ruled. Conversely, a manager or company who disregards the technical/operational experts too often won’t last long: They’ll have trouble making money because they cut too much, and the good experts will go find a better place to work. And on the third hand, operators are inherently conservative, because they look at it from the perspective of having to deliver with the resources being bid. So if they aren’t a little bit uncomfortable (at least) then you’re likely not competitive yet. A complicated dance.

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