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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Well, boys and girls, what did we  learn this week in Public Health Land?

Lesson #1: Shut Up

Fussing about something over which you have little information and no control doesn’t help you or the situation. If the Federal Government did a bad job of arranging timely delivery of vaccines for Canadians, what will ranting about it now accomplish? Will the vaccines come sooner than if we just wait and see?


In Proposal Land you might be frustrated by your company’s marketing strategy or teaming practices or late-to-need decision-making or review of documents. Ranting won’t fix it. If you can’t think of something that will, go ahead and have your little moment. Then get back to work, doing whatever you *can* do.

Lesson #2: Choose Wisely

Some people should never be allowed to answer questions in a proposal. Never. Under any circumstances.

Q: When will vaccines be delivered?

As soon as possible.
Various ministers, prime and otherwise

Q: What is your plan for vaccine distribution?

The plan is simple:
Every Canadian will have access
to an effective and free vaccine
once it’s ready.
Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources

In Proposal Land, choose team members carefully.

Lesson #3: Take Names

In Proposal Land as in society, the temptation is to let it go when whatever “it” is, is over. A good idea?


If, in the fullness of time, you decide that your initial, in-the-moment impressions were right  (Dagnab it! The company’s strategy or proposal practices really do suck! That guy really is a dud on a team!) then do something about it:

  • Fix it if you can.
  • Work around it if you must.
  • Find a better place to work if necessary.

As for the Government’s possible sins? If, in the fullness of time, you decide that they’re real, not imagined — if their performance really was sub-par — then you can deal with it at the next election.



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