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Email Hath Its Limits

Email Hath Its Limits

Email is great:

  • For providing information to a bunch of people when no discussion is required (e.g. meeting agendas, status reports)
  • For asking questions that are hard to misinterpret
  • For making straightforward requests of people we’ve worked with before
  • For transferring files, especially outside the mainstream of a review/production process

Email is not so great:

  • For managing multi-party conversations
  • For asking questions where someone needs clarification before they can respond
  • For making any requests of people we haven’t worked with before
  • For resolving interpersonal disputes/tensions

Proposal Land has both the email-is-great and the email-is-not-so-great communications. Before hitting “send” consider which category your communication falls into.



  1. Jim Taylor

    Ah, yes, there are times when email doesn’t work. I have a correspondent who “just doesn’t get it” — and I’m not referring to physical reception of the message. I’ve given up attempting to clarify, or to seek clarification. I know we can get along in person; via email, we just get farther apart.

    Of course, that wasn’t your point. I do get that.

    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve received urgent (well, time-sensitive) messages by email after the sensitive time, where a phone call would have worked. Mostly, we just don’t think.

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