Better RFP Responses & Management
More Eyes Make Better Work

More Eyes Make Better Work

That looks funny.

The That can be . . .

A position title that is more description than title – a holdover from an early draft.

The reporting lines in an org chart that show some so-called managers with no subordinates, or dotted lines that should be solid (and vice versa).

The  layout of an org chart or other graphic that separates organizational parts linked by function or by geography.

A flowchart with no obvious place to start.

A position title in text that’s similar to ones you’ve seen but not exactly the same.

The line spacing in a table that some creative/rogue writer has adjusted to save space (unencumbered by authorization to do so).

The colour in a heading that doesn’t quite match the defined style. (Or does it?)

The name of some system that is unique to one section.

An entire page of bullets that turns out to be three sets of bullets, the lead-in lines now erroneously bulleted.

The That can be nothing at all, a minor or tricky formatting problem, a simple or tricky editing or graphics problem, a team-management problem (they’re all tricky), or a substantive solution problem.

If you’re a reviewer of any sort (technical or editorial; peer, boss, or executive; casual, informal, Pink/Red/Gold/Any-Dagnabbed-Colour Team), if it looks funny to you, speak. Right away. Even if it isn’t strictly within the scope of your review. It might be nothing, but it might well *be* funny as well as looking so. And if it’s not nothing, it’s always better to deal with it early.

And if you’re any sort of proposal manager, make opportunities for reviews. Of any sort.



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