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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

Given that the list of things to do is intentionally endless,
it’s on each of us to decide what ‘enough’ looks like.
Because more time isn’t always the answer.

Today Seth is talking about this general problem of limiting the length of our shift. It’s not unique to Proposal Land but it’s pervasive there.

It’s up to each of us to decide what “enough” looks like:

  • It’s on executives to decide what standard of presentation they will demand and to give clear direction on the relative priorities of all the work that *could* be done, because it can’t all *be* done.
  • It’s on team managers to communicate the priorities and to set and enforce reasonable work-day and work-week limits.
  • It’s on team members to address the executives’ top priorities first, rather than the easiest work or their own priorities/obsessions, within the established work limits. And to stop working when the shift is over.

And it’s on everyone to ask the folks above them in the proposal food-chain to do their part.

The work is intentionally endless. More time is not the answer. In that environment, what *does* “enough” look like?

You tell me: It’s not a discovery, it’s a decision.