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The Older I Get . . .

The Older I Get . . .

. . . and the further removed from active (aka manic) proposal work, the less I have to say about the details of editing and document management and graphics. All that fades into the background or is actively overcome by new ways of doing things. Like, when was the last time *you* submitted a hard copy of a major proposal? All the things I learned about doing that and doing it well are now pretty much useless.

Except this one thing: Don’t go flat out.

Me, I don’t have much street cred, but you’ll believe Seth, right? And wonder of wonders, he agrees with me. (Or I with him. What-ever.)

The hypervigilance required to go at full speed
gives us no room to breathe or even improve.

As you start this new year, look ahead to its end. Do things now that will allow you to look back with satisfaction on how in 2024 you took the time to breathe and even (Gasp) to improve.



  1. Jim Taylor

    Today, Seth talks about making pins. They used to be handmade, at maybe 20 per day. Then someone developed a machine that would do thousands a day. Seth’s recurring message seems to be to take time, to figure out what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how you could do it better.

    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – I think “they” used to say that we should spend 10% of our time thinking about our work. That’s likely the minimum, and not likely met very often.

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