Proposal Land

Time for a Nap

People working non-stop on RFP responses don’t just slow down: they dumb down, too. Part of our intelligence resides in our subconscious, but working without rest leaves no space for the subconscious to speak. To find solutions to problems. To improve processes. To come up with great new ideas.   Continue reading“Time for a Nap”

Many Hands

The power of teamwork to improve output is at least as true on RFP responses as on other projects. There is often still too much work for the time available, but  properly harnessed teamwork will give you a better result than you could have imagined.  Continue reading“Many Hands”

JIT Learning for Proposal Teams

Just-in-time (JIT) learning is a key success factor for RFP responses.  As I have noted  elsewhere, just-in-time learning is priceless, helping us avoid the trudgery of learning endless fundamentals, seemingly without purpose, while also dodging the smack upside the head that comes from not knowing something you really should already have known.

So – how does it apply on bids?   Continue reading“JIT Learning for Proposal Teams”

Keep Calm and Carry On

I am in hiatus: the “gap in space, time or continuity” that I know best from hiatus in TV Land, as opposed to the “fissure in an organ” that I associate most with the hiatus hernia.  Visiting family who live on Lake of the Woods, my progress on the Road to Publication is stalled, although the endorsement promises continue to trickle in.  Odd that my work in Proposal Land is not much affected.  Continue reading“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Orientation for New Proposal Team Members

If by chance you have wandered through the door with no exposure to RFP responses – no sense of the topography of  Proposal Land –  you might find it interesting to read up.

This, for example, gives a sense of the intensity of it all.