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RFP Responses: Not Victorian Scientific Monographs

Brevity is not just the soul of wit, it is a key target in all RFP response writing. And where one cannot be brief, one must use layout techniques, like bullets, that help evaluators see your content at a glance. Long sentences and paragraphs work against your objective: getting good marks for your content. We can all take a lesson from Charles Darwin in this regard . . . Continue reading“RFP Responses: Not Victorian Scientific Monographs”

RFP Responses: They’re Team Efforts

RFP responses are almost never done by one person: big RFP responses never are. Instead, they require inputs from, and the cooperation of, anywhere from 5 to 75 people. Just coordinating that many people is a serious project management challenge in itself.

Success demands that you tailor your processes and tools to the team you have.   Continue reading“RFP Responses: They’re Team Efforts”

Eschew Dog Puppies

We may know that we’re supposed to target concision in our RFP response writing. We may even believe it. Where the trouble usually arises is knowing how to do it. One problem is that it can be hard to identify which words are extra. Enter the “dog puppy” rule.  Read on for details . . . Continue reading“Eschew Dog Puppies”