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Term: SDRL

Leaving aside marine uses of this acronym (Sea Date Required to Load), a SDRL is a Data/Document Requirements List for a Supplier, Subcontract, or Subcontractor.  Pretty much all the same thing: data deliverables under a contract.

See also Contract Data Requirements List.

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Term: Compliance

Meeting all mandatory requirements.

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Term: Statement of Work (et al)

This is a bit muddled, but the basics are clear enough: clients write “statements” that describe what they want (that is, the Work). These more-or-less comprehensive lists of what the client wants to contract for (services, products, data, reports, processes, standards) range from high-level, conceptual documents down to highly detailed specifications.   Continue reading

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Term: Submission mandatory

Submission mandatories are documents that must be present, or conditions that must be met, for the proposal to proceed to the technical evaluation stage.  Continue reading

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